So following on from our caravan choice (which was a big decision) our next big decision was how to tow our amazing new Royal Flair van and also be able to have enough room for all our Tidy Turf Mats stock and our fancy Expo set up… cause after all, our whole aim was to travel Australia and promote our awesome Tidy Turf Mats through exhibiting at as many Caravan & Camping Expos as physically possible (while taking in all the amazingness of our fine country). So this decision had to be practical, not so much about comfort.

We ended up selling our 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and buying (site unseen through Pickles Auction) our 2007 Mitsubishi Canter 4x4 Dual Cab Truck. We did this for a few reasons. The main reason was that is was a bloody good price and it could tow our van with ease with everything we wanted to take with us on our adventure... Stock.. Boat..MotorBike..and sooooo much more.

Our truck originally came with a ridiculously heavy steel tipper tray and a Hi-ab crane. Myles (being the genius he is) had to literally suspend this tray between 2 large trees (by himself may i add) and cut through the welds with a grinder so he could then suspend the old tray long enough to be able to then drive a car trailer back underneath to load the old tray. Once our truck had no tray, we purchased a new (second hand) flat-bed steel tray and once again he had to suspend between two trees and weld and bolt it to our truck chassis. This was a very intense couple of days. Cause what i also failed to mention is that during these few days, it was also torrentially raining 80% of the time. Welding underneath a truck with rain continually running down your face isn't too pleasant, but Myles persisted and got the job done. Coming home at dark picking tics from his beard and head Eeewww!!

Tidy Turf Mats Truck

This one one hell of a character building exercise for poor Myles, i don't think he will ever forget it. We got the truck ready enough to be able to attach the new van and head off in Early Dec of 2021. The rest of the work for the truck came later in our trip. 


Our business started during the Summer school holidays of 2019. We originally owned a Synthetic Turf Installation business. We used our off-cuts all the time when we went camping. One trip in particular to Somerset Dam QLD with a few mates (and a lot of off- cuts) we really got to see first hand the demand for good quality synthetic turf to help stop the dirt and sand getting into everything. We gave all our offcuts away to everyone around us. That very night we got to designing some shapes and brainstormed how we could make it work as a legitimate business. That was where Tidy Turf Mats was born. Our very first mat we designed was the How’s the Serenity mat, as we had two steps into our camper trailer and wanted something to stick onto them.


What a great weekend we had at the Cleveland Caravan Camping Boating and 4X4 Expo. We got to meet and talk with some awesome people. 

If you are in Brisbane in late October this year,  make sure you put into your calendar the Lets go Brisbane Caravan & Outdoor Sale, from 27th - 30th of October. We will be there.. We also will be bringing with us some pretty cool NEW items to the Tidy Turf Mats range.


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    Amazing job Blyth family.

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