Caravan Duo Deal.
Caravan Duo Deal
Nugget Mat Small
Hows the Serenity Mat

Caravan Duo Deal.

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The How's the Serenity Mat + The Nugget Mat.

1 x How's the Serenity Mat - Size.  Width 20cm | Length 49cm | Height 3cm 

1 x Nugget Mat (small) - Size.  Width 30cm | Length 47cm | Height 3cm 

Available in Green or Black

Australian made locally on the Gold Coast. 

Materials used. Recycled plastic synthetic turf. UV Resistant Binding. UV Resistant Thread. Back to Back Velcro.

As all our mats are made to different specifications, we encourage everyone to please measure your step/area for the mat properly (length x width) before purchasing, to prevent disappointment when you get your new Tidy Turf Mats.

There are a few things to point out before you go gung ho and whip out your new Tidy Turf Mat;

1. Give your new mat a good slap and tickle (push the blades up with your fingers & shake it around) this will help the mat perform at its peek!

2. We all love heading off on an adventure; but do make sure you secure your mat to your step properly when in use, to prevent any unwanted trips.. to the hospital! The tighter, the better.

3. We highly recommend not to sit your mat in direct sun for long periods. It’s like any other surface.. it gets bloody hot when it sun bakes for hours on end.       Shade is it’s best friend!

We hope you make some amazing memories and go on many fun adventures with your new Tidy Turf Mat.

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