About The Family of TTM

~ Tidy Turf Mats - established during COVID 2020 ~

We are a Gold Coast based family of five and we own and run a synthetic turf installation company. When Covid hit hard in early 2020 and the country went into panic and lock down, our work started to slow down and we got to thinking of ways we could use the new found time to our advantage..to hopefully help with our family income. As time went on and the severity of the pandemic became a harsh reality.. we knew we had to do something, and fast.

Tidy Turf Mats Family Photo

When installing synthetic turf for our customers we noticed the increase in requests wanting our turf off-cuts to use for mats around the home; we quickly realised there was a market for good, quality made turf mats. As time went on, we also noticed a huge trend in Australians touring our own backyard, especially with overseas travel not being an option. 
Our family love to camp and travel and we get away as often as physically possible. So we understand the importance of a good camping product to make it more comfortable.
After completing endless amounts of research and development of quality materials and designs, a bit of tweaking and perfecting, Tidy Turf Mats was born!
We taught ourselves how to sew (brand new skill) and we put all our spare time into creating a functional, good quality, hand made product.
Tidy Turf Mats isn’t just a range of magical mats which rids any excess debris; Tidy Turf is your adventure side kick. Take them wherever you go seeking adventure. Simply roll up our Tidy Turf Mat and off you go!! ​
We want our mats to encourage you to get out there and live your best life. Go camping, go fishing, go travelling. Do all the things your inner adventure heart is yearning to do (while keeping Tidy)
If we have come to learn anything during this past year or so of such uncertainty, it's that life is short, our daily freedom of living our best life really is in our own hands. So we need to grab hold and take that adventure!