We always knew our mats were a caravanning/camping must have, but it wasn’t till we were on the road that we realised just how versatile and essential they really are! I swear we took our van through every type of environment and we were able to keep the outside elements outside so much easier by having our Tidy Turf Mats. The simplicity of being able to just hose off any dirt/sand/mud from the mats meant no matter where we had just been; the dirt or sand didn’t come along with us once we left! 

While travelling it also became apparent that no caravanning/camping set up is the same and that’s why we have worked so hard to create and expand our range of mats so that we have you covered on all bases. Also, by offering the 'Custom Mat' option, if by some chance we don’t have the mat/size you need we’ll make it for you! One of the great things about Tidy Turf Mats is they are so simple, you just roll them out when you get to your destination and then roll them up when you’re ready to hit the road again!

 TTM_Floor MatsTTM_StepMats


Why did we go black?

Well there are a few reasons, the major one was we noticed a real 50/50 split of travellers who were in love with our original green mats, and those who were wanting a more sleek congruent look to compliment their van style. So we wanted to make sure we had something for everyone. We spent a lot of time experimenting with colour combos and created a custom made black coloured mat that you can only get from Tidy Turf Mats! 


Where to Next?!

Ever since we returned from travelling we have been dying to hit the road again, we’ve already planned our next trip which we’ll take in August exploring the incredible Queensland Cape York! Being on the road so much really gives our business a unique edge as we are not only selling our Tidy Turf Mats but testing them in every type of environment! Its from this that we are able to grow and better our range all the time. Make sure if you’re on the road you keep an eye out for the Tidy Turf Mats truck – we’re always up for a beer and a chat!



We are so proud of our entire Tidy Turf Mat range, each and every mat from the original 'How’s the Serenity Mat' (Caravan Step Mat) to the individual custom orders which are all hand made with 94% Recyclable and UV resistant materials, proudly Australian made and owned!

We love connecting with other travellers and welcome any travelling families to contact us as we’re always looking for new affiliates!

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